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DMO / Tourism Content

DMO: Domestic Marketing Organisation

SoCoMunity is passionate about storytelling, especially when it comes to travel. We work with brands that share our vision of creating compelling stories to a wide variety of audiences.

We understand that clients and their demographics are unique. It is important to create custom content that speaks to both a wide spectrum of viewers, as well as content that appeals to a certain niche demographic.

Western Cape Tourism. Cape Town Tourism

Western Cape Tourism's new campaign, "Get in a good space" was all about wide open spaces in the time of a pandemic. SoCoMunity was asked to work together with the Wesgro to conceptualise and produce content in the form of Short films and images for their new campaign. 

For Detailed Cape Town Campaign link

Audience: A wide audience, anyone that needs to "get in a good space"

Brief: 2 Minute Sizzle Video & 80 Images

South African Tourism x Secret Escapes 

South African tourism to the UK worked together with Secret Escapes, There's this place, and SoCoMunity to promote tourism to South Africa from the United Kingdom. The campaign hinged on There's this place and SoComunity creating a road trip film (and Images) of the Battlefield route from Johannesburg to Durban. The content was then shared on Secret Escapes pages as well as Craig Howes (Influencer social pages)

Audience: UK based travellers looking for a unique holiday.

Brief: 5 Minute Travel Film, social media edit and images 

British Airways x New Orleans Tourism

Together with Secret Escapes, SoCoMunity worked together with New Orleans Tourism and British Airways to promote travel to New Orleans from the UK. This was aligned with British Airways new direct flight from London to New Orleans.

Audience: Middle aged UK based travellers looking for a food and cultural holiday to New Orleans.

Brief: 5 Minute Travel Film, social media edit and images 

Nikon Europe x Morocco

Together with Secret Escapes, SoCoMunity worked together with Nikon Europe to create a travel film for aspiring photographers to visit Morocco. The film highlights Nikon as a travel photograper brand while exploring Moroccos best photo oppertunities.

Audience: Travel Photographers.

Brief: 5 Minute Travel Film, social media edit and images 

Faroe Islands Tourism

Having worked with Faroe Island Tourism before, we wanted to create a specific tourism video that appealed to the niche market of adventure and extreme sports. Tourism gave us the freedom to create a unique story of our journey.

We decided to take 2 professional kite-boarders (Graham Howes and Nick Jacobsen) to Faroe and capture their journey.

Audience: Kiteboarder's and adventure enthusiasts

Brief: 5 Minute Travel Film, social media edit and images 

South African Winelands Tourism- Vinpro

Together with Vinpro we created content to showcase South Africa as a leading destination for wine tourism as well as a producer of quality wines. The challenge was capturing a wind variety of wine estates, farms and activities from Luxury to rustic across a board spectrum of landscapes

Audience: International and local Wine Tourists.

Brief: 3 Minute Montage film with Voice Over, social media edit and images 

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