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SoCoMunity has worked across a wide variety of industries and brands. Please see our portfolio segmented per industry.

DMO / Tourism

SoCoMunity has worked with a wide variety of tourism boards and domestic marketing organisations.

  • Travel shows

  • Documentaries

  • Cinematic Montages

  • Photography

  • Brand videos

Discover our unique tourism campaigns.

Safari Films and Content

Safari is one of those magical experiences everyone should discover. We are passionate about inspiring people to come to Africa and come on safari.

We specialise in:

  • ​High-end safari lodge photography

  • Wildlife photography

  • Safari brand videos

  • Documentaries

  • Virtual safari videos

  • Community project videos

  • Social Media content

Lifestyle Brands

We love working with brands that value lifestyle, travel and adventure. If you are looking for lifestyle or travel content for your brand! ou are in the right place.

Having worked with a variety of travel companies and brands, we have perfected the art of seamlessly fusing lifestyle brands into travel content 

Automotive Content Solutions

We love producing High-Octane content. Whether you are looking for a full commercial production, social media content (Reels, Youtube Channels), automative photography, automotive videography, video marketing or event and launch coverage.


We create content that tells your brands story to your target audience.

We specialise in:

  • ​Commercials

  • Events / Launches

  • Road trip content

  • Car reviews

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