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12 Unique ways to Grow your Website (Organically)

The key to knowing how to increase more organic visitors to your website lies in the fact that both website and business promotion have dramatically changed in the last 10 years.

This is how advertising worked in the old days:

A Brand makes a product or service, and there are very limited platforms to advertise your (brand or company) then they would probably type in your URL into Google.

Eg: People will watch TV and be shown adverts.

Someone will buy a magazine to read the news and will see adverts.

The only real distribution channels where

  1. TV

  2. News Papers

  3. Billboards

  4. Magazine

  5. Radio

You had 30 seconds to sell whatever you are selling.

Don't get me wrong there is still a lot of value in this form of marketing in certain scenarios, but that's not why we are here!

The fundamentals to growing your brand or getting more organic searches all to revolve around Brand Content and Website Content.

Create high-value content that solves, helps or inspires your ideal customers, in a format that best achieves their desired result! This all needs to be done in a way that can be found online. (SEO Techniques)

10 Proven Ways to get more organic traffic to your site.

People look for reviews before they buy, as marketers, we need to adapt to QUALITY and RELIABLE information.

1) SEO Content and Strategy to Grow Organic Traffic

In the old days a lot of what was spoken of in terms of SEO is now known as Technical SEO. While Technical SEO is still important, most website builders and platforms handle things like site speed pretty well.

A very new trend in SEO is on-page and Content focused SEO. There are very powerful tools like AHrefs. AHrefs is a search tool that helps you grow your search traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche.

By Using a tool like AHrefs you can find out all the questions and keywords pertaining to your industry, as well as how difficult it is to rank for those terms and the search frequency of those google searches. But understanding this, and applying it to your brand, you can create very specific pieces of content that will be found on google. Target Keywords, Problems, Solutions, with good traffic and low competition.

2) Take a Data-Driven Approach when Forum Commenting.

You don't have to answer every public post in your niche on a Forum website like Quora. Rather use a keyword analysis tool like Ahrefs to Analyse, filter through data and find your specific posts to comment on that will act like a filter for your website. You will need to calculate the approximate monthly traffic a certain post has. Good responses to question can have a click-through rate of 30%to 40

3) Use Pinterest to increase Organic Growth.

Pinterest is one of the most understood platforms when it comes to certain niches if you feel your typical clients would be on Pinterest. It is a great place to market. Even paid advertising on Pinterest is cheap while still producing good results!

4) Guest Blogging- Increases Website Traffic and Authority

Guest Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site. A good guest post can be a very powerful funnel into your website.

  1. To Find Websites that use guest bloggers go to Google and type in "guest post by" intitle: Cape Town. Google will then give you a list of all guest posts that have the word "Cape Town" in the title.

  2. Use tools like AHrefs to understand the Domain rating of the various websites you find. That ensures you guest blog on influential or website.

5) USE PR Tactics like Haro (Help a reporter out)

HARO is a link between journalists and industry experts. Journalists will post questions, asking for expect to advise for a section of their article. The request will be sent to anyone who has signed up as a subject expert. This will result in higher domain ranking and additional visitors to your site.

6) PR Tips Use Google Alerts

Use Google Alerts to get Alerts for potential partnerships and content, creation

Go to google alerts and type in (site: OR site: ) intitle: Cape Town

This will send you a alert whenever one of those sites post an article with your key word in the title

When you get an alert, skim through the article and see you you are able to add more value to their article. From there you can contact the author and they will more than likely add your information if it makes their article better. What adds even more to this strategy is that you will build relationships with other authors in influential agencies. You can possibly become the go-to expert in your industry

7) Social Groups to Increase Organic Growth:

Besides Facebook groups that are great. Pinterest group boards are also a very powerful way to promote your business.

Pinterest group boards is an area where people can share images, links and videos to a shared group board. The best part about these groups is it is encouraged to share links back to your blog.

Moderators can share pictures, and videos to Pinterest boards about a certain topic.

Check out it is the best way to find Pinterest groups per category. Along with how many views and times a

8) Create a free resource or tool and promote it.

Ideas could be a

  • A Fee video course

  • A Free Ebook

  • A Free LUTS

  • Free Lightroom presets

  • Free Templates

  • Free Tools

9) Create snippets of your blog posts.

Use these little bites of data, combine them with good pictures, videos or graphics and post these to your social media. Each snippet should be optimised for the different platforms. You'll end up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Social shares

10) Host a Webinar with a Complementary Business in your industry

Partner up with complementary business and host a joint webinar. This is a great way to share information and leverage both companies database of clients.

11) POD Casts

Much like Webinars POD casts have a lot of power. POD cast hosts are continuously looking for interesting guests to have on their show. If you can provide value in your niche it is a great way to organically grow your business. It goes without say that you could potentially start your own POD cast too!

12) Repurpose Your Content.

People have different learning types and styles when it comes to absorbing content and information. Instead of posting the same content on all channels, take a concept, write an article, use that article to create a youtube video. Summarise that article into slides that can be posted on Instagram and turn the video into a reel.

1 Concept is now optimised across all social channels.

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