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How to create a brand video that grows your Business.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

What is a brand video?

A brand video is your company's 2-minute elevator pitch on steroids. The key difference is, that it lives online and it can work for your brand 24/7 around the clock. A brand video should summarise your business or brand, and what it stands for and give the viewer a concise high-level view of your brand and its offerings.

Brand videos are very powerful marketing tools!

DIRTY HABITS Extreme sports brand video example.

Why are brand videos important?

Unlike traditional adverts that focus on hard sales, brand videos help connect a potential customer with your brand, its values and its vision. It builds and strengthens your community and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Brand videos live online, which means there are countless opportunities for your brand to be noticed. When combined with good digital marketing, SEO, Google SEO, Content marketing and paid promotion on Google and Social Media.

When brand videos are targeted at your ideal demographics or customer avatar (via Facebook and Facebook pixel, google, youtube etc) it can be a very powerful business development tool.

How to create a Brand story video. (Best Practices)

  1. Brand video length should be between 1-2 minutes long, this is the optimal time to keep the viewers' attention and concisely get your company's information across.

  2. TONE. The tone of your brand video should align with your business or company voice. It should be sincere and heartfelt and show the viewer what your brand is passionate about or believes in. "People like us, do things like this" Seth Goddin

  3. Narrative. People love narrative, it's how humans associate and remember experiences. Creating a strong narrative will make sure your brand stands out.

  4. Research. Understand your target market and industry. Create avatars, which are typical groups of people that would be your customers. What are those people's dreams, problems, and fears, and what motivates them? Your brand messaging should talk about some of the attributes.

  5. Solves a problem. It should highlight a problem or needs to show the target audience how your product, community or service addresses it.

  6. Captivating visuals that demonstrate the lifestyle your brand promotes.

Brand video production company Cape Town

Story Template for creating a brand Video

  • Describe your company, and what it stands for.

  • What does your company do?

  • Define your brand's product or service. What makes it special or unique?

  • Who is the content for? What is your typical target demographic and psychographic?

  • Describe your brand selling points.

  • Is there anything interesting or unique about your brand?

  • If you had one minute in an elevator to tell someone about your brand what would you say?

  • Do you want a voice-over or talking head?

  • What is your brand's vision?

Safari Travel Agency Brand Video

Creative Agencies vs Film Production Companies

Creative agencies help brands come up with concepts, brand guides, and storyboards. Generally, bigger companies will have a creative agency that creates the above and then use a production company or film-maker to capture the creative agency's vision.

Small businesses usually don't have a budget for creative agencies, and will generally just hire a small production company or film-maker.
When it comes to brand videos you want to find a production company or videographer that understands your business and has strong digital marketing knowledge. It goes without saying that you need good visuals and audio for a brand video to be successful. However, what most companies miss is a production company or videographer that understands the message or narrative your video needs to portray.

Find a production company or film-maker that understands marketing. This has been a huge part of SoCoMunity's success. There are good film production companies, but very few that can write their own creative brief (that works!)

You have 2 minutes to get a clear and concise message across, this could be the first interaction a potential client has with your brand, every word, every visual counts.

Do you need some help creating your brand video or strategy?

Feel free to get in touch with us at SoCoMunity. We are passionate about understanding your brand and telling its story. We love helping small and medium-size businesses create a digital footprint.


Craig Howes (Creative Director and Strategist)

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