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12 Ways how to level up your hotel content to grow your business.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

With over 3.6 Billion social media users, how you approach content could revolutionise your business. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of companies in the hospitality industry and what I’ve seen has been mind blowing.

Demand for content is surging.

It’s important for your content to stand out from the rest, for your content to have purpose and to add value. People judge your brand based on the content you do or don’t put out. We live in a world where the content a brand creates speaks directly to its consumer.

Unfortunately, if neglected it can have devastating effects on your business. However, if done right you can really level up your brand. Leading into point 1. The brands I have seen do well, understand that content is an investment, companies I’ve seen fail, see content as an expense.

1) Content is an asset not an expense.

This may come as a surprise that this occupies top spot. However, understanding that content is an asset with the ability to bring in new business and work around the clock to grow your brand is pivotal to creating better content. Many platforms even allow you to work out ROI on content.

2) Create content specifically for a platform.

Understanding types of content and platforms. We live in a digital age with multiple platforms that house multiple forms of content. When creating content, it is vital to understand how people interact with different platforms as well as how each platform prioritises content. Most brands make the mistake of loading the same content on different platforms.

For example, someone opening Instagram will have a different mindset to that same person opening google to search for the “best affordable hotel near the beach in Cape Town”. Both platforms can capture a potential client, however, the approach would be different for each platform.

3) Create content with purpose.

The best hotel brands in the world all have one thing in common. They have defined their brand values to appeal to a certain type of person and use different platforms (using content) to speak to those people.

This is all about narrative. “Our hotel specialises in business trips. You can expect is professionalism, good service, state of the art business facilities, comfort, and place to relax”

All content created should speak to those values your business chooses.

4) Understand your current and target demographics.

Most platforms as well as 3rd party applications will allow you to see yours as well as your competitors social media statistics. This will help you to understand who you are speaking to, then create content that resonates with them.

5) Use models in content for targeted campaigns.

If your hotel is looking to attract families, then create content showing families. Shoot different content for different groups of people.

Some examples are:

· Families

· Groups of friends

· Solo travellers

· Business travellers

· Romantic getaways

This can further be segmented into: Budget accommodation, unique stays, or luxury accommodation.

If you are looking to attract more couples, show images of couples. Keep in mind that if you show a young couple, it might not appeal to an older couple, however their budgets will more than likely be different.

6) When shooting content, play attention to the details.

Are the flowers in the room fresh? Are the lights turned on? Is the bedding clean? What clothes is the model wearing? I could go into a long list here; most photographers understand how to take a good picture. However, not all photographers understand your brand, art direction and creative direction. Choose a content creator that understands all these things or hire a creative director to create a good brief for the creator.

7) Create content with value.

If your hotel is based in Cape Town, show images, and create articles and guides for around Cape Town. People don’t just want to see your hotel, they want to see the lifestyle your hotel will give them.

8) Influencers vs Content creators.

You get good influencers, and you get bad influencers, that’s a whole different article! What I will say. A good influencer can help create brand awareness and create beautiful content for your social media platforms. Choose influencers that are known for creating beautiful content that will align with your brand. Just because someone has a lot of followers it does not mean they can shoot good content for your platforms.

9) Content SEO and blog posts.

In a world where everyone is obsessed with social media, don't underestimate the power of SEO and google. Understanding what people are searching for is pivotal in creating beautiful blog posts that will attract customers to your website. Furthermore, understanding what people are searching for in certain areas is valuable information when designing social media strategy.

10) Create Instagram ‘able features on your property.

This will inspire guests to take good pictures. People love good holiday images and if you create even a small iconic space where people can capture a beautiful image you will be surprised at how quick guests will flock to your property. This will also result in user generated content. Content that your guests have shot that you can share to your social platforms.

11) Create a content strategy.

Content strategy should include social media strategy with KPI’s as well as a content plan. Having a strategy will help keep you on track and make sure you are reaching your business full potential. Hiring a content specialist that has worked with a variety of brands could bring in some fresh ideas.

12) Create a content pool, and get a content management system.

Companies like Giata are content database specialist. They offer their hotel partners a comprehensive content distribution platform and instant access to localised content for all properties in up to 25 languages.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave any questions or comments below.

All images and content in the article has been provided by Craig Howes, Founder and managing Director of SoCoMunity

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